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Oui, ce type d’étude existe et certaines sont en cours. Une recherche rapide sur Medline (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/medline.html) avec les mots items ‘low, dose, radiation, occupational’ permet de trouver 316 documents dont le document suivant: ———- Cancer Radiother 1999 May-Jun;3(3):203-14 %5BCarcinogenic effects of low radiation doses%5D. %5BArticle in French%5D Tubiana M Centre Antoine-Beclere, faculte de medecine, Paris, France. The carcinogenic effect of low doses of ionizing radiation has been a matter of much debate over the last few years. The French Academy of Science published a report on the subject in 1995. The central point of discussion concerns the validity of the linear no threshold relationship for estimating, by extrapolation, the carcinogenic effect of low doses. The aim of this article is to analyze the epidemiological data on the effect of low doses and the biological data on the mechanisms of carcinogenesis that have been obtained since 1995. These data strengthen doubts concerning the validity of current risk evaluations at low doses. PMID: 10394338, UI: 99322642 ———- cet article est l’un des plus récent.